Monday, September 12, 2011

Last FIRST day of school

Today marks the last first day of school I will ever have! As happy as I am, I will really miss the excitement of back to school shopping and dressing up for the first day. Growing up,  it was always a ritual to lay out everything that I got for school and start to organize what top was going with what boots- what scarf ended up with what dress and so on. It was an important rule to make sure to wake up 2 hours before school even started, just to be prepared :)

So today as I was getting ready, I took a deep breathe in and walked into the last first day of school. As it started at 7:45 am I wasn't too excited to be there but I made it through. It went by fast and by the time I knew it I was already on my way home. Thank you BYU-I for letting me share that last first day with you today! Looking forward to graduation in December. 

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