Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunshine Sunday

Yesterday started off with not a very productive shopping experience. As it was one of my first days off in over a week, I decided to return to the mall to find some new dresses and skirts. When it comes to Sunday, I feel that I never have anything to wear. So as I walked through the shops at the mall I found nothing in any of the stores. This always seems to happen, when I am free to go shop I can never find anything, but while I am at work or in a hurry I always seem to find stuff.

I went all over Idaho Falls, Tjmaxx, Kohl's, and a few small boutiques and still couldn't find anything to wear to church on Sunday. Then I realized that I hadn't been to Target in so long and decided to stop by and I fell in love with there new collection. I am a big fan of Target clothing- the majority of it is priced well and the quality holds up.

One of the new trends for Fall is 70's folk and hippy inspired items. The bright colors, paisley print and fringe screams uber chic and I have fallen in love for it. You will see that I can never pass up a great deal and I found a fantastic dress for only $24.99!

Check these out----------> 
Target Dresses 

These are a few pictures that Emily wanted me to take of her. She is wearing a pink knit dress from Downeast, (which right now is 30%t off all there clearance!) a vintage scarf and boots from Wetseal.

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