Sunday, October 21, 2012

I fell in LOVE...

5 things to <3 about this weekend

1. I might actually like red lipstick-- thanks to one of my besties brandi for getting me some, I pretty much use it everyday!
2. I can finally wear boots and sweaters and still be cold! I love bundling up.
3. Starbucks Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate! ARE you serious?! This is amazing!
4. I'm starting to like country and have fallen in love with the new ABC show Nashville- Hayden is gorgeous!
5. Football is SO much enjoyable live then watching it on tv!

and I got to spend time with my best friend and love of my life!


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  2. You look great in red lipstick and I'm so envious of your beautiful hair!

  3. That Starbucks hot chocolate sounds amazing! YUMMMMM I just found ur blog today and i really like it! im a new follower!

  4. great picts!

  5. That red lipstick looks great on you!!! When I wear red lipstick I use lipstain so it never smudges on my teeth. (I have that problem otherwise!) Cute pics! :)

  6. you guys looks so amazing together - gorgeous couple!